«Dissolution» is the fruit of my 7 years of performing and teaching experience in researching tools for the development of improvisation. In the course, I offer a prepared structure of tasks for analyzing my dance and studying the characteristics of my body. This is an experimental process, where a mandatory test of theory in practice is undertaken, when you confirm the effectiveness of the program you are trying with personal experience.
Marina Pereira
Improvisation — is primarily an exploration of your body, which implies deep inner work and sensitivity. The ability to dance improvisation is an important part of modern dance. This is the ability to move spontaneously, using different principles or qualities that will allow you to get to know your body even closer. In the course program, I offer you a set of tools that will help you develop and fill your dance from different angles. This is not about a "beautiful" movement to attract the attention of others, it is about an internal, honest, sensitive attitude towards your body, without worrying about the external form; more focused on embedding principles and observing how uniquely they can work in your body. As an individual, you can use your previously accumulated skills. How can you develop them even more and acquire new ones.
What we will work with:

• Feeling the chains and connections in the body
• Moving in cooperation with gravitational force, inner fall
• Influence of space and speed on presence
• Following the direction of the impulse force
• State of resistance and state of relaxation
• Isolation and integrity
• Possibilities of imagination and creativity
• Breathing is the source of movement
• Multitasking and fullness
For whom

Classes for everyone, regardless of your dance level and the direction in which you develop. The material will be useful both for an experienced practitioner or teacher of any dance direction, and for a non-dancing person who is just beginning to get acquainted with modern dance and the possibilities of the body.
The aim of the course is to harmoniously combine your inner sense of movement with physical vocabulary, to awaken individual creativity.
Leading the course
Marina - young choreographer, dancer and teacher in the field of contemporary dance and a senior member of the Formless Arts team. Marina has been dancing for 20 years. Along the way, she studied various dances styles in Russia and Europe, such as classical dance, folk, modern dance, tap dance, hip-hop, jazz and others. Graduated from the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, the Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography. For the last two years he has been studying the martial art of Ancient Russia, Systema and researching freediving. In 2016 Marina plunged into the the practices developed by Bruno Caverna, Play-Fight and Liquid Body. Since then, Marina has radically changed her perception of dance, consciousness and human relationships. Her work focuses on the principles of relaxation, inner fall, and seeking to honestly follow strength and direction.

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    20-ти минутное обсуждение в конце каждой сессии
  • 7 февраля - практика и завершение курса
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