Marina has been dancing for 20 years. Along the way, she studied various dances styles in Russia and Europe, such as classical dance, folk, modern dance, tap dance, hip-hop, jazz and others. Graduated from the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, the Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography. She is currently a young choreographer, dancer and teacher in the field of contemporary dance and a senior member of the Formless Arts team. For the last two years he has been studying the martial art of Ancient Russia, Systema and researching freediving.

In 2016 Marina plunged into the the practices developed by Bruno Caverna, Play-Fight and Liquid Body. Since then, Marina has radically changed her perception of dance, consciousness and human relationships. Her work focuses on the principles of relaxation, inner fall, and seeking to honestly follow strength and direction.

Thanks to these new qualities of the approach, she was able to feel significant changes in her body movements. Dance improvisation for her has always been a deep immersion in the exploration of her body, which requires sensitive inner work. This is the domains of "not knowing", where you can potentially tap into any mental state and endlessly explore it through various physical qualities and emotional fillings and releases.

These classes will not be about moving "nicely" in order to attract the attention of others, but about an internal, honest, sensitive attitude to your body, without worrying about aesthetic results; Marina dance pedagogy focuses strongly on implementing principles, rather than overvaluing forms, and seeing how they can be manifested and be adapted into individual bodies in fine alignment with the uniqueness of each of us are born with.